What is your biggest goal or obstacle?


Reaching out to masses has always been a problem.

Answered by John Murphy

Founder, Hello World

My biggest goal is to expand to atleast 5-10 different companies and to make sure that all my employees are as successful as the company.

Answered by Cassie McCoy

Entrepreneur, Dreamer, Developer

Completing my to do list every day!

Answered by Octavia Blake

Serial Entrepreneur

Being an economic forum, we often come across extremely difficult situations with big companies. We sometimes do not have the expertise required and need to go head hunting for the right expert.

Answered by Eric Jackson

Founder of World Economic Forum

My biggest obstacle is making a profit, even if we have 200% growth in a quarter, keeping afloat is always a problem.

Answered by Clarke Griffin

Founder - Clarke Models Inc

My biggest obstacle is connecting with B2B clients, because the gestation period is a lot.

Answered by Marcus Kane

Founder & CEO - Arc Software

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