What’s your current position & how did you reach here?


CEO of Hello World. Hello World was just an idea which I pitched at the World Convention in 2017. I won the first prize which motivated me to execute my plan. Today I have impacted more than 1 million developers through my startup.

Answered by John Murphy

Founder, Hello World

I started as a saleswoman at a fashion retail store. Worked hard day & night, did not give up, and now have my own company.

Answered by Jean Jollet

Director, Jean & John Tshirts

Worked my way up from a non CS background to being the founder of my own company.

Answered by Cassie McCoy

Entrepreneur, Dreamer, Developer

I’m a founder of 4 companies, I work remotely for all my startups which are based out of the U.K. I founded my first company when I was 18 years old

Answered by Octavia Blake

Serial Entrepreneur

I'm the Founder of World Economic Forum. Working for more than a decade in the industry, I realized my passion to do more which made me launch two startups that failed miserably. I finally found success when World Economic Forum grew to 100k+ visitors within a month.

Answered by Eric Jackson

Founder of World Economic Forum

I founded Clarke Management, an end to end Fashion Management Agency after working for 5 years in the fashion industry as a model.

Answered by Clarke Griffin

Founder - Clarke Models Inc

I founded Arc Software, an end to end software development company after working for 25 years in the software industry.

Answered by Marcus Kane

Founder & CEO - Arc Software

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